Imaginative BORDEAUX ...

   Welcoming in character, Entre-Deux-Mers is a region of low hillsides and deep valleys, which reveal many treasures. The most famous are La Sauve Majeure, Saint-Ferme and Blasimon Abbeys and the Rauzan feudal castle. But the fortified towns and houses, the Romanesque churches and fortified windmills are not to be missed. The visitor will enjoy some surprising places in the Gironde, such as the chapels, temples and megaliths and will discover its local myths, such as the druids said to continue to visit the sacred oaks. It is possible to be lost in the history of Entre-Deux-Mers and to go back in time, to follow the footsteps of the pilgrims and the knights of ancient times. To abandon oneself in it is to discover a captivating world where Bordeaux wine has been king for 300 years.

Making the most of our difference ...

Within the appellation 'One thousand and one Châteaux', some crus are keen to make the most of their differences. At Lamothe-Vincent, originality comes first from the soil. The 102 hectares of the estate stretch over two extremities of the Entre-Deux-Mers, back to back with the vineyards of Haut-Benauge (MONTIGNAC) and Côtes de Bordeaux (CASTELVIEIL).


Marrying terroirs ...

These terroirs are complementary: The differences found in the soil make blending the wines all the more complicated. But it is said that the voice of Saint Vincent, patron of wine growers, inspires the chemistry of blending year after year...

·                     A clayey-siliceous brow (75 m) going down to a depth ranging from 0 to 10 metres rests on rocky limestone

·                     Swelling clayey soils

·                     Drained silty-clayey soils, with little stones, on a deeper layer of clay enriched with ferrous particles

·                     Clayey-chalky soils on limestone

  Terroir map example: Block map CM

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